Pastor Bill was born in North East Ohio, where he graduated from Champion High School and met Kathy, his wife of 45 years, who was born in Mississippi and was raised in the same town. Married in 1972, they moved to Port Charlotte and began the journey of raising family; a daughter was born in 1973 and a son in 1984, and the amazing gift from the Lord of three grandchildren.

Our work together is establishing and operating three local businesses, overseeing a children's ministry, and maintaining a successful marriage in the journey attributed entirely to the amazing grace of a Loving God.

Kathy trusted the Lord as savior at a young age, while Pastor Bill surrendered to the Lord Jesus and made the complete commitment to follow the living Word of God in 1976.

As Senior Pastor of First Baptist Church of Punta Gorda, God has directed Pastor Bill to stand together with those connected with this ministry to "Make Disciples", which makes a difference.

As a church body of believers, we are trusting the Lord for three answers to our prayers.

      1. The Lord's favor to reside on the believer and this ministry.

       2. For the Lord to send Godly leaders to communicate the life changing message of                             Hope and Healing to the community.

       3. To send lost hurting souls we can walk alongside into growth and maturity in the                              Lord.

Being a part of First Baptist Church Punta Gorda is being a part of the greatest news ever to be proclaimed to mankind, through our unique personalities to "BE" the light for the Lord to this city and for this community.