Adult Ministry

Welcome to the Adult Ministry of First Baptist Church of Punta Gorda. We want to offer you every opportunity to know Jesus Christ. To  grow in your relationship with Him and to serve Him. We want you to use the gifts and talents that He has given you to participate in ministry outreach and missions. Our Bible study opportunities, worship services, and ministry events are designed to assist you in  "Making A Difference" in the lives of those entrusted to you in your sphere of influence. This ministry exists to Proclaim Truth and Love People. Together we can make a difference.

Sunday Morning                    9:30  Bible Classes          

 Sandy Adomatis                    Rm 102                           "Bible and Today"
 Pastor Bill                               Rm 105                           "Beatitudes"
  Irene Gargiulo                      Rm 106                           "Women's Ministry"   

  Marv Kelso                            Fellowship Hall             "Walk in the Word"   

  Lisa Hardy                             Pastor's Study               "Polished Arrows"

  Carlo Gargiulo                      Missions Room             "Chaplaincy & Sharing Jesus"